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About Sandra – Licensed Plate By Zumba Coach

Ms. Sandra Sii, Founder of Zumba by Sandra Sii, is a professional Zumba Fitness Coach. She is passionate about coaching her students in cultivating regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

Sandra is currently pursuing her studies in British ITEC Diet & Nutrition Certificate at Alpha Nutrition Academy. The wonderful news is she will be graduating soon by the end of this year (2021). Again, this is also her passion to coach her students in planning healthy meals based on their normal diet.

Sandra is more than happy to share with you her successful story of maintaining a healthy BMI weight since more than 5 years ago.

Sandra is also a Licensed Plate by Zumba Coach. Plate by Zumba is a nutrition program promoting healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Sandra will coach you with the general Plate by Zumba diet program and British ITEC Diet & Nutrition program to reach your nutrition goals using a new, simple and practical method of healthy eating.

On this website, Sandra will show you most dishes prepared by Sandra since year 2002.

Be a Professional Diet & Nutrition Consultant / Healthy Eating Advisor and Find Out How a Healthy Diet Improves Health & Prevent Disease. [Qualified with International Certification, UK]

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