Easy Homemade Australian Steak Recipe

  1. Prepare Australian scotch fillet steak (or other part of the beef). 
  2. Use a knife or scissors to make a few oblique marks on both sides of the steak so that it absorbs well with the seasoning. The oblique marks on the steak would be helpful to check the doneness.
  3. Season the steak with oil, salt, black pepper, basil, and mixed herbs in order (spread all the seasonings evenly on both sides of the steak). You may omit basil and mixed herbs if your children cannot tolerate with spices. 
  4. Press the steak with a spoon and season the other side of the steak.
  5. Heat a spoonful of salted butter in a frying pan until it melted. Spread the butter evenly over the pan. Put the steak into the pan and fry it over medium heat. After one side is cooked, flip the other side over and fry until done.
  6. Serve the steak once it is well cooked without any blood oozing out from the oblique marks.


  1. 准备好澳式牛排肉片Australian scotch fillet steak(或其他类别牛排)。
  2. 在肉片上用刀或剪刀划几道斜痕好让肉片在腌制调味过程中更加入味和检查熟度。
  3. 用油、盐、黑胡椒粉、罗勒(basil)、混合香料(mixed herbs)按顺序调味腌制牛排(均匀地涂抹在肉片上的两面)。若你家里的小朋友不喜欢香料的话,则可以免去罗勒和混合香料。
  4. 之后,可以用汤匙压一压肉片再翻另一面来调味腌制。
  5. 在平底锅上放一汤匙的加盐牛油以慢火预热直至牛油融化。待牛油融化后可以均匀涂抹在锅的表面上。将牛排下锅以中火慢煎。待牛排的一面熟了就翻另一面来煎。
  6. 将牛排的双面煎熟(划痕里没明显的血水)和稍微焦褐色就可以上桌了。