Improvised Onion Potato Mushroom Soup Recipe

  1. Prepare 200g white or brown mushrooms (washed and sliced).
  2. Whole potato (washed, peeled, and sliced) – 1 medium size.
  3. Chopped onion (Please refer the photo above for the portion amount).
  4. Prepare a pot of 500ml chicken broth. Suggest to mix 3 teaspoons of concentrated chicken broth with hot water. (I use Singapore Woh Hup Fresh Chicken Soup).
  5. Stir fry the onion in oil until fragrant, then sauté the mushroom slices over medium heat, followed by the potato.
  6. Add chicken broth and boil over high heat until boiling.
  7. Switch to medium heat and cook for 15 minutes.
  8. Blend the soup into paste using blender or food processor. 
  9. Add 150ml of cream and mix well.
  10. Pour the soup into a bowl, sprinkle with black pepper, and the soup is ready to serve.

Carrot Soup 胡萝卜汤


Replace 200g mushrooms with

  • 1 large broccoli (remove stem) – broccoli soup
  • 2 carrots – carrot soup


  1. 200克白蘑菇或棕蘑菇洗干净,切片。
  2. 一个中型马铃薯/土豆,去皮切片。
  3.  洋葱切碎(用量请看以上照片)。
  4. 预备500ml鸡汤备用。以3茶匙浓缩鸡汤掺拌热水。 (我选用新加坡和合新鲜鸡汤)
  5. 用油炒洋葱爆香,接下来以中火炒蘑菇片,再加上土豆片炒一下。
  6. 加入鸡汤,用大火煮至沸腾。
  7. 再转为中火煮15分钟。
  8. 用打汤机或搅拌机把材料打碎成糊状。
  9. 加入150ml奶油,搅拌均匀。
  10. 把汤盛在碗里,撒上少许黑胡椒, 趁热享用。

Broccoli Soup 西兰花汤



  • 一棵大西兰花去梗 – 西兰花汤
  • 2根胡萝卜 – 胡萝卜汤

Sandra’s Secret Ingredients:

  1. Australian Potato
  2. Woh Hup Fresh Chicken Soup
  3. Australian Dairy Farmers Pure Cream


  1. 澳洲马铃薯/土豆
  2. Woh Hup 和合新鲜鸡汤
  3. 澳洲Dairy Farmers纯奶油